Creative development



Work with sound artist, Kim V. Goldsmith, to learn how to record atmospheric and environmental sounds in the field using a range of microphones and recorders, and be creative with them. Field recordings can be used in video and film production, music, art installations, or as a stand-alone art form.

Using a range of prosumer and professional audio recorders and microphones – contact mics, hydrophones, acoustic recorders, and even the humble mobile phone, learn how to record sounds of the natural environment to use in filmmaking, music, video production, or to create experimental sound mixes. Work at home and on-site to record tracks, download them and learn the fundamentals of editing sound using freely available software.


Hear a sample of what you can do with field recordings

Kim V. Goldsmith audio recording in the Macquarie Marshes

Based in regional NSW, Kim V. Goldsmith is a digital media and installation artist and professional content producer. With a background in radio and print journalism, including four years with ABC Radio, she’s been producing digital content for the past 25 years. As a digital media artist, she’s produced and exhibited works for festivals and exhibitions across NSW and internationally, including Curve Ball at Carriageworks (Vivid 2016), Cementa Festival, Artlands Festival, and in various Arts Territory Exchange exhibitions in the UK. Her last major international project resulted in the exhibition, Eye of the Corvus, has shown at two regional galleries over the summers of 2019/20 and 2020/21. Kim is currently working on new sound and video projects in the Macquarie Marshes and Lachlan Valleys, documented on the ecoPULSE website.

Kim has been delivering training in art marketing, art business practices, media interviews, social media, strategic communications, and public speaking for the past 24 years. She has worked within public training institutions, including TAFE, as well as running private workshops across NSW, including a series of regional workshops in Central West NSW for the National Association for the Visual Arts (NAVA). Kim was the co-initiator and presenter of the arts business workshop program, This Business Called Art, run in partnership by Orana Arts Inc. and the Western Plains Cultural Centre.