Kim V. Goldsmith

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Kim V. Goldsmith is an interdisciplinary artist and creative producer based on the Western Plains of New South Wales. Since 2008, her creative practice has encompassed community engagement, sound, video, installation, story-gathering, writing and public programming that takes a creative, process-driven approach to the challenging environmental issues faced by rural, regional and remote communities. Her work in this area continues to evolve as she explores layers of nuance and complexity within the territories in which she works, seeking the hidden elements that make them vibrate.

Through research, observation, field recordings, collaboration, and creativity, she aims to present rural, regional and remote landscapes and communities in ways that make the familiar, unfamiliar. Goldsmith uses verbal and non-verbal storytelling to tease out narratives of connection and give a voice to the voiceless. Her individual and collaborative works are presented across Australia and internationally in festivals, exhibitions, public events, and online platforms. She is the founder and lead artist of

A member of
Orana Arts Studio Co!Lab(Arts) Territory Exchangeecoartspace
ClimateCultures, Walk. Listen. Create. (AMBASSADOR + SWS AWARD JURIST)
Australian Forum for Acoustic Ecology

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