Arts Territory Exchange

Kim V Goldsmith digital media and installation artist Dubbo NSW

View from my window, photo supplied to ATE for the ATEviews publication (views taken from Arts Territory Exchange participants windows)

Arts Territory Exchange (ATE) pairs artists from across the world, allowing them to explore ideas around personal territories and topographies through long-distance collaborative correspondence. They also host events, realising collaborations through exhibitions, lectures, and publications.

In September 2017, I was paired with artist Didi Hock, from Hamburg, Germany. After months of correspondence, we created our first collaborative work, a meditative soundscape, for a group exhibition at Charles Sturt University Dubbo Campus, NSW Australia (February – March 2018).

Didi Hock webpage

Fictional Territories #01 is a mix of sound sketches from our “home grounds” into a sonorous piece of fiction. The result is a territory that can’t be defined, but a definition of territory as an area of creativity, with territory emerging in the active experience of listening. There are no lines on a map, no coordinates, no visual cues, just vibrations and hints of what might be as you shut your eyes and listen with all your senses; wavering between what you know, what you believe, and what you wish to see.

The soundscape is accompanied by a ‘user manual’, providing suggestions on how to experience the work.

Fictional Territories #01 User Manual


Fictional Territories #01, soundscape installation

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