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Kim V. Goldsmith has lived in Regional NSW all her life (except for 10 years of secondary and tertiary education). Following her studies in Systems Agriculture (Hawkesbury Agricultural College, Richmond) and Journalism (Macleay College, Sydney), she returned to her home region to take up a job as the first Rural Reporter with ABC Western Plains radio in Dubbo. This time also included on-air stints at other ABC regional stations and on the NSW Country Hour. In her post-radio days, Kim freelanced for a couple of regional newspaper publishers as well as establishing a media and marketing communications consulting and training agency (1996-2020). She worked across several regional sectors including rural industry, natural resource management, regional development, tourism, education, health and the arts. For many years she ran her business alongside her art practice—which became active in 2000. Since then, Kim’s had multiple solo shows, 35+ groups shows, and participated in various festivals including Artlands Dubbo (2016), Vivid Sydney (2016) and Cementa (2015 and 2019). She’s contributed to many international collaborations, and undertaken artist residencies at Nes Artist Residency (Iceland) and the CORRIDOR project (Cowra) since 2019. In 2023, she’s undertaking a residency on the Isle of Skye (Scotland).

Over the past two decades, Kim has been heavily involved in the arts community of Dubbo City and the wider region, co-founding an artist collective she was active in until 2012; working as the first Project/Publicity Officer with regional arts development organisation, Orana Arts (2004/05); writing as the first dedicated arts editor with Dubbo-based publisher, Panscott Media (2003/04); founding and administrating an online Regional NSW arts directory and blog, Where is the Art (2011-13); and initiating a professional development program for artists in partnership with Orana Arts and the Western Plains Cultural Centre (WPCC). Kim was also a board member of the Western Plains Cultural Centre Advisory Board for seven years (2008-2014) – including two years as chair. She managed the philanthropic public art project BOOMDubbo in 2015/16, overseeing a series of murals by professional street artists including Adnate, Poncho Army and HaHa. Since 2004, she has been a contributing member of various local arts-based groups such as Fresh Arts Inc., Dubbo Filmmakers and Creative Assembly Central NSW (CrACN). She is currently a member of Dubbo Regional Council’s cultural planning committee (2022/23).

Working in marcoms as a consultant and trainer for 26 years, Kim has often shared her knowledge of marketing communications as it relates to arts practices with organisations such as TAFE Western, Orana Arts, Outback ArtsRegional Arts NSW and the National Association for the Visual Arts (NAVA). In late 2020, Kim participated in a panel discussion as part of Regional Arts Australia’s Artlands Conversation series on connections in times of isolation. She has worked with Orana Arts since 2020 on developing strategic resources and professional development support for regionally-based artists across NSW, through their Studio Co!Lab platform. In this role, she regularly facilities online (Zoom) roundtable discussions between artists for the Studio Co!Lab Talks program.

Stepping back from executive and community arts roles in recent years, Kim’s been pursuing to develop her practice further, working on bigger environmental art projects and collaborations, undertaking more artist residencies, and to further developing her digital media and writing practice. In 2020, Kim founded ecoPULSE as an online platform to bring many of her eco-arts and social ecology projects together. The scale and scope of these projects has seen Kim’s work span years and countries since 2017. She’s a member of international networks, (Arts) Territory Exchange, ecoartspace, Walk. Listen. Create., and ClimateCultures.

Kim’s hybrid, interdisciplinary practice is as much about process as it is the creation of work. Many of her works are underpinned by research, facilitation, community engagement and cross-sector consultation, and the exploration ideas. Her creative output tends to take the form of multi-layered, constructed soundscapes and video works that look for alternative perspectives and layers of meaning, along with writing in the form of blog posts, prose, essays and short publications. Living in a passive solar house amongst native gardens and bushland on the western edge of Dubbo, she surrounds herself with inspiration from an abundance of native flora and fauna, as well as making frequent excursions to places such as the Wambuul/Macquarie River, Macquarie Marshes, The Drip and forests of the region. Kim uses a range of specialist microphones and cameras to document the environments in which she works. Her ‘happy place’ is in a natural environment with headphones on absorbing the sonic world with a shotgun or piezo microphone of some kind.

Growing up on the family farm, Kim spent her childhood on the back of a horse, roaming the Western Plains north of Coonamble, to the west of the Pilliga Forest. This was her playground—following the tracks of birds and lizards, capturing tadpoles, climbing trees to peer inside bird nests, collecting hard sap samples in matchboxes—watching and reading the landscape for changes that came with the seasons. Her paternal grandfather was a bush storyteller of tale tales and her grandmother loved books. Formative years with them, making up and sharing stories as they walked and rode open expanses of cleared grazing lands on the Western Plains, lay the foundations of the artist she is today.

Working with hydrophones in the Macquarie Marshes, 2020

My work is grounded by where I’m from and the communities I’ve lived in. Regional NSW is an exciting place to create work about, as the stories and ways of telling them are endless. However, my vision is bigger. We’re part of a global conversation and I want to be part of that.

– Kim V. Goldsmith
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