Inhalare/ breathe upon


Inhalare / breathe upon aims to transform familiar landscapes into unfamiliar territories. Kim V. Goldsmith is the project initiator, lead artist and project admin. The works from this project are currently in development.

In stages, 12 regionally-based artists of NSW explore natural environments close to home to develop soundscapes, 150 word texts, and visual works capturing deep connections and hidden layers, allowing the imagination to explore those environments that sustain us during times of restricted movement.

The artists are: Stage 1 – Kim V. Goldsmith, Andrew Hull, Anna Glynn, Danja Derkenne, Jason Richardson, and Dr Greg Pritchard; Stage 2 – Dr Carol Archer, Amanda Donohue, Vicki Luke, Libby Wakefield, Clementine Belle McIntosh and Edgar Alvarez.

Stages 1 (sounds and texts) and 2 (visual responses to the sounds/AD) of the project are being presented as a body of work at SPACE — the only disabled-run gallery in regional NSW, including a range of accessibility elements including audio recordings of the texts and visual works and web-based supports.

For her work, Goldsmith chose to look more closely at the native Callitris glaucophylla thickets on her property, on the peri-urban fringe of Dubbo City in Central West NSW. During COVID lockdowns of 2020 and 2021, she spent time walking across her property with her animals, and sometimes by herself. Eventually, she returned to sit quietly, observe and listen to the trees before using a range of specialist microphones to investigate sub-surface and audible sounds within the thickets more closely. The work she created for Inhalare is a 20-track soundscape and text that tells the story of the trees over several weeks and at various times of day, including sunrise and midnight.

A short time-lapse video and soundtrack from the contact mic recordings captured late winter 2021
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