Pulse of the Wetland and Mosses and Marshes

Pulse of the Wetland investigates the ecological dynamic and rhythms of the Macquarie Marshes as they recover from prolonged drought and fire. Using historical and academic research, on-site documentation using sound and video, and community stories, the project weaving the synchronous narratives into a body of digital works – video and soundscapes.

Conducted over 12 months in three phases of desk-top research, on-site documentation and story gathering at various sites across the Macquarie Marshes and surrounding communities, the resulting works are designed to be presented back to the Marsh communities in various formats, and have formed part of an international showing of work in 2021/22 – Mosses and Marshes. Mosses and Marshes is a collaboration with UK-based artist, Andrew Howe. The exhibition works are a mix of 2D works by Howe and audio visual works, including collaborative video and sound works, by Goldsmith. A book of the collaboration was published by the artists in 2021.

See more about the Mosses and Marshes book, exhibition, and community engagement works here:


Wetland gases Macquarie Marshes 2020 Kim V. Goldsmith
The moment a gas bubble breaks the surface, video still sample from Pulse of the Wetland

Pulse of the Wetland and Mosses and Marshes are ecoPULSE projects, an initiative of Kim V. Goldsmith. Further details of the projects and processes used to develop the works can be found on the ecoPULSE website.

Stage 2 of this project (story gathering) was made possible through a Quick Response Grant provided by Regional Arts NSW through the Regional Arts Fund, an Australian Government initiative supporting the arts in regional, remote and very remote Australia. Stage 3 of this project (public programming and the book publication) was made possibly by a Create NSW Arts and Cultural Funding Program grant. The project has received additional funds through Australian Cultural Fund crowdfunding campaigns.