I did it: ACF campaign wrap

Kim V. Goldsmith Eye of the Corvus art installation

106% of the campaign target funded! My two-month crowdfunding campaign with the Australian Cultural Fund has come to an end...and what a two months it was. This was my first fundraising campaign for an art project. I knew what I had to do, but I wasn't quite prepared for the intensity of it, or the …

Brick walls and frozen thoughts

Kim V Goldsmith digital media artist

Iceland has captivated me since I read Hannah Kent's Burial Rites in 2013... I've long believed if you voice an intention, you own it and have a responsibility to make it happen. Sometimes I'm pushed to my very limits doing this - outside and within my practice. It's how, two years ago, I committed to spending …

Time to get technical…and talk

Kim V Goldsmith digital media installation Artlands 2016

The creative bit is almost truly over in the creation of Volucres...now it's purely problem-solving and publicity...I guess it's now time to tell the story in its full glory.

Serving time

Today brings my second month as the Cementa artist-in-residence at the Fire Station Arts Centre to a close. Only one month left until my work needs to find a new home (until that home studio is built over the summer). Over the past two months, I've notched up a total of nine days in Studio …

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