Brick walls and frozen thoughts

Kim V Goldsmith digital media artist

Iceland has captivated me since I read Hannah Kent's Burial Rites in 2013... I've long believed if you voice an intention, you own it and have a responsibility to make it happen. Sometimes I'm pushed to my very limits doing this - outside and within my practice. It's how, two years ago, I committed to spending …

Like bees to a honeypot

#bringtolightprojects Kim V Goldsmith Kelly Leonard Bee Box Sounds

Bee Box Sounds is a gentle work requiring attentiveness and on the weekend of its installment as part of #bringtolightproject17, the public is too busy, too distracted, too disinterested to engage...except the children. Like bees to a honeypot. Children running. Children escaping their parents' attention for a short moment. Children scolded and told to hurry up …

Challenging the teacher student model

I was recently given an opportunity to spend a day with senior art students on a camp in Dubbo. With my practice and interest in digital media and installation, I was asked to give an introduction to my work and before spending several hours in the field with the students to capture sound, video, and …

Cementa 17: overwhelming the senses

Cementa 17 Gilbert Grace

Contemporary art festivals in regional NSW are few and far between, however, one that has put its stamp on the landscape is the biennial Cementa, starting in 2013. As an artist, you know an event is successful when you leave feeling like you were missing out by not being part of that year's program*. Cementa 17 has …

Time to get technical…and talk

Kim V Goldsmith digital media installation Artlands 2016

The creative bit is almost truly over in the creation of it's purely problem-solving and publicity...I guess it's now time to tell the story in its full glory.

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