This is an audio version of the Vaticinor poem in the Regional Futures: Box of Possibilities exhibition, spoken by the artist, Kim V. Goldsmith and mixed with field recordings from sights across the Central West, Manning Valley and wider Mid North Coast. It is 58 seconds long.

Before hitting play, if you’re wearing earbuds or headphones, please ensure the volume on your device is not set too high. This was produced for a mid-level volume.

Listen with your eyes closed or if you’re on a browser, you can watch the video at the same time. On a mobile, the video won’t play at the same time the audio is playing. These are images of the Central West and Mid North Coast, places we call home. The video has no sound and will autoplay on loop.

Vaticinor by Kim V. Goldsmith

Boundless consumption of this beautiful machine. Sediments of consumerism—an unconformity.

Scars upon Earthly folds of skin. Wicked questions. Imperfect answers.

Contained forces. Unnatural courses. Disturbed zeitgeber. No compromise.

Clinging to territories we call home—our collective breath heaves upon this Earth; a wind before the storm. 

Delirious exhalations or intuitive portent? Manifestations of our resolve.


To hear the Vaticinor Stories or read the transcripts that are part of this exhibition go to VATICINOR STORIES

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