Where does the sadness come from

acrylic painting They cannot beging to understand
They cannot begin to understand (after Bruce Dawe), 2011, (c) Kim V. Goldsmith

My second painting for the year is almost finished. I’ve loved the process so much I’ve even started a third! But, I’m wondering what the creative process of painting is revealing, as the mood of the works is depressed and in the case of this one here, just plain sad. This work is destined for Red Door Gallery’s Small Art Big Heart exhibition next month, where funds raised go to Palliative Care. The Bruce Dawe poem, Kind for Kind, which inspired the work is about animals grieving. So, here’s to Bruce for inspiring this work, which will hopefully lead to happier days ahead with paint under my nails and a desire to not want to do anything else.

Extract from Bruce Dawe’s Kind for Kind

Beasts mourn for beasts; but, unlike us,
they cannot even begin to understand
their lack of understanding…

We know, we know the losses life sustains,
the feathers, and the paws forever still:
in such odd ways
our nature, hardening like unwatered soil,
is harrowed into kindliness.

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