Another work in the mail to Baradine

K V Goldsmith artist mixed media
K.V. Goldsmith, Crisis point, 2013, mixed media collage on watercolour paper, 15x20cm

It’s an odd feeling posting off artworks by snail mail (which I hardly ever use these days) not knowing what’s happening with them at the other end. The works I’m sending to Baradine Central School for the mail art exchange project I’m involved in has seen me now send three works to the school to inspire the kids in Tina Pech’s art class to create their own and get to know an artist in the process. I’ve been corresponding with one of the students, posting off answers to her questions with the work and this month I’ve asked her a few of my own.

It’s been an interesting process to step back and think about the why and how of what I do. Not that I don’t do that when I’m developing a concept or new body of work – but explaining it to someone who you have never met in writing, in a format where there’s no immediate response, is an odd thing in today’s hyped up world of online communication and spruiking.

There’s one more month to go of the project, so there’ll be four works from me in all. I’m really looking forward to seeing how it all comes together in the end and I can only hope I’ve sparked some creative inspiration along the way.

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