The business of an art practice

Kim V. Goldsmith Open Studio Fire Station Arts CentreIt has been one of those difficult weeks where it has been hard to fit everything in. At the same time I’m very aware of my time as the Cementa artist-in-residence at the Fire Station Arts Centre’s Studio 2 is coming to an end on 30 November…a time that has been invaluable to me as dedicated time to actually create.

The reality is being an artist isn’t all about hands-on creativity, but also involves administration, marketing and public relations. As solo as it can be as a pursuit there are also times when one needs to discuss the work with others and discuss the potential of collaboration. If you don’t, you create in a vacuum for no other purpose than to satisfy your own needs. For me, being an artist is more about communicating about things, and everything I know about communicating indicates that’s a two-way street.

So, my time as artist this past week has been more about showing my work, discussing my practice, planning my last open studio event at Studio 2, getting my office sorted and meeting with another artist to discuss possible collaboration. There are times after weeks like this when I’m just too mentally tired to take up the charcoal or think about anything hands-on. Through this blog post I’m reminding myself that my administration and planning efforts, thoughts of collaboration and how to progress the next stage of my work are indeed a valid and critical part of my art practice.

I did manage to capture some images for the photo library though! A small measure of hands-on in a busy week…

Kim V Goldsmith bird photography
Cockatoo feeding at the Western Plains Cultural Centre, Dubbo

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