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Goldsmith has collaborated with textile artist, Kelly Leonard from Mudgee NSW for the 2017 #bringtolightprojects event, held on the October long weekend in Dubbo NSW and Natimuk Victoria. The collaboration, a first for both artists, saw Goldsmith create a four-channel soundscape woven together with the industrious sounds of bees and the weaver’s loom at work, with atmospheric sounds from the location where the work was shown.

The installation video (see the blog post for a write up of the event).

Kim recorded me weaving on my loom, which has completely changed my relationship with it. I now see my loom as a collaborator in artwork not a piece of equipment. Since beginning our project, I have found myself being more attuned to the sounds in the landscape, really attentively listening. As I wove the ribbons for the bee boxes I listened to Kim’s recording of the bees and my loom in a kind of musical looping. I feel my sense of hearing has been woken and I am now tuning into the different possibilities of incorporating sound. – Kelly Leonard, weaver and collaborator on Bee Box Sounds

The artists talk about their collaboration in this video.


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Goldsmith participated in the second #bringtolightprojects event on September 30, 2015 with five artists from Dubbo, Sunny Corner (between Bathurst & Lithgow) and Leeton showing works including video projections, a site specific installation and a music video designed for cafe patrons. Goldsmith’s work again took her outside her comfort zone and usual practice with a real-time video/monitoring and playback installation in an open air shopping mall in Dubbo.

Titled Rock. Feather. Space., the work included a marked out 1m square in an open air shopping mall (Church Street Rotunda, Dubbo), inside which was placed a small rock is tied to a feather. The feet of those passing over this space was videoed, viewed on a flat screen monitor set up nearby, pulling each participant’s gaze up to look at their feet as they pass by the natural, out of place objects on the ground. The resulting video was been shown the 2015 One Eye Film Festival.


The idea behind the work was inspired by observing the movement of people interacting with Goldsmith’s work inside the Convent Chapel at Cementa15 – some were highly conscious of where they were in the space, others weren’t (these were the ones who kicked the soundboxes across the floor or stood back just observing the work rather than consciously interacting with it).


In early 2014, Goldsmith and fellow artist, Julie Williams initiated a regional artist collective, Regional Contemporary Art Network (RCAN) – a group of about a dozen artists from Lithgow to Dubbo and including Molong, Kandos and Bathurst, seeking peer support and an opportunity to explore collaborative and professional development opportunities. RCAN has since dissolved.

RCAN’s first (and only) collaborative project was #bringtolightproject – a one-day, synchronised showing of the work of four artists in various public spaces and places on Wednesday, 13 August. Goldsmith’s 30 second stop motion video, #bringtolight, was shown on a pico projector at multiple locations throughout the day – including two cafes, the regional library and a grain receival site 12km from Dubbo. A Google map of where the artworks were located was developed and audience engagement encouraged through invitations to photograph the artworks, uploading them to Instagram, and using the hashtag #bringtolightproject.

Goldsmith’s #bringtolight animation is a departure form her usual themes, instead using the collaborative process of the project to explore issues of the day in politics, mainstream news and social media. The image of the bird is a nod to a constant theme within her work.

VIDEO LINK: Watch the animation.

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