Indicatus is a sensory installation work developed over 18 months (2013-2015), consisting of several key elements – a video on loop (no sound), several soundtracks triggered by motion sensors, smell, heat and light (both ambient and artificial).

During the development of the work Goldsmith researched and explored destructive impacts on the habitat of native birds, a species considered indicators of environmental health.

The work was developed for the Cementa15, contemporary art festival in Kandos NSW, April 9-12 2015,  shown in the privately-owned Convent Chapel.

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A residency was undertaken, to start the work, at the Fire Station Arts Centre in Dubbo between September and November 2013. A further one week residency was undertaken at Kandos Projects (the home of Cementa) in December 2014, where the logistics of installing the work in the space were considered, as well as how individual elements of the work would come together.

The concept is an extension of earlier installation and digital works by Goldsmith, many of which address our relationship with the natural environment. Indicatus requires the viewer’s physical presence, which determines the degree of ‘noise’ created within the space.

Background to the Indicatus art project can be found on Goldsmith’s Studio on Tumblr and in the blog.

A mix of the birdsong tracks selected for Indicatus on Soundcloud (dur: 1:10)

MEDIA RELEASE: Dubbo artist uses sound, smell and burning birds in new work for art festival

The showing of this work has been supported by Dubbo City Council & the Western Plains Cultural Centre, Orana Arts Inc., Fire Station Arts Centre and Kandos Projects (Cementa Inc.)

Thanks to those who have helped out along the way: Cameron, GG, Amanda, Margot, Yvette, Dave, Jen & Steve, and to those who haven’t been named.

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