Eye of the Corvus: Messenger of Truth

Eye of the Corvus has been a project defined by extremes and the connections found within extremity. From the start, the juxtaposition between Iceland and Australia seems contrary and binary, a simple comparison that seems to revel in their opposition. But these regions and the lives lived there are united in their adaptability, resilience and innovation.

As an artist, Kim V. Goldsmith has consistently been defined by her desire to push her practice and the limitations of regionality. She has remained steadfastly committed to the connections possible, despite isolation, and with this work gravitates towards a form of universality found in extremes. From the almost drought broken landscapes of Dubbo to the melting glaciers of Skagaströnd, both communities are struggling to reconcile a new normal. It is profoundly human to find commonalities in such conditions and as is so often the way, it is the artists who show us our potential for connection.

Kim is an example of what regional arts should be, not art just made regionally, but art that questions and challenges regionality as a limitation, that sees in extremes the opportunity to be revelatory.

Jessica Moore
Cultural Development Coordinator
Dubbo Regional Council, 2019

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