An incredible end to 2019

Kim V Goldsmith in Iceland

The blog posts have been missing in action here over the past few months as my time on Eye of the Corvus intensifies. I've been putting my energy into the website dedicated to this project, including two blogs -- one about the project, and the other about my time in Iceland and travels across Scandinavia on …

Who do you make art for?

Kim V Goldsmith Wild Wetlands sound artist Dubbo

Fresh on the back of mounting a new work over the weekend and the subsidence of the pre-show nerves that go with it, I'm pondering a question I've been asked, and asked of myself many times over the years: Who do you make art for? Andrew Frost recently wrote an opinion piece for Art Guide …

Cementa 17: overwhelming the senses

Cementa 17 Gilbert Grace

Contemporary art festivals in regional NSW are few and far between, however, one that has put its stamp on the landscape is the biennial Cementa, starting in 2013. As an artist, you know an event is successful when you leave feeling like you were missing out by not being part of that year's program*. Cementa 17 has …

Time to get technical…and talk

Kim V Goldsmith digital media installation Artlands 2016

The creative bit is almost truly over in the creation of it's purely problem-solving and publicity...I guess it's now time to tell the story in its full glory.

Being thrown a Curve Ball

Kim V. Goldsmith digital media video artist Dubbo

Living and working in regional Australia doesn't mean you can't get eyeballs on your work.

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