Being thrown a Curve Ball

Kim V Goldsmith digital media video artist Dubbo
“Indicatus” video playing on loop at Curve Ball, Carriageworks, 11 June 2016 (image courtesy of Fuzzy Events)

When you live and work in a regional part of Australia, where relatively few artists work in the same field and opportunities to show your work are few and far between, it’s reassuring to know that through the use of digital media and effective online marketing you can get eyeballs on your work.

Sitting in my car in a shopping centre carpark at the end of May this year, I was about to start the engine to head home when my phone rang. Not recognising the number, it was unusual that I even answered it.

The call was from Fuzzy Events in Sydney, a major event organiser who were putting together works for an electronic music event to be held at Carriageworks as part of the Vivid Festival program. Fuzzy Director, John Wall was looking for video art to be installed in the venue as part of the event, and had found me online.Kim V. Goldsmith digital media video artist Dubbo

To be honest, I didn’t catch much of the detail beyond Carriageworks and Vivid. Thankfully I was up to speed quickly enough to have the video file they wanted – the video from Indicatus – uploaded by the end of the day.

It was shown at Curve Ball on the Saturday of the June long weekend, 11 June and Fuzzy sent through photos from the night a couple of weeks later.

It was a small taste of what’s possible. Now, bring it on!

My new work will be unveiled at Artlands Dubbo on 27 October.

Kim V Goldsmith Curve Ball Carriageworks video


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