It’s official

Artlands Dubbo 2016 Kim V Goldsmith VolucresThe Artlands Dubbo 2016 Festival program was launched today in Dubbo and buried in the details of festival highlights on the back of the poster-like, hard copy program was the title of my work and my name.

Standing at the launch in the middle of Dubbo’s CBD on a magnificent late winter day, surrounded by the who’s who of the local arts community and various officials (including the Deputy Premier and Minister for the Arts), hearing Volucres (Vol-loo-ker-us) mentioned in the festival highlights, then seeing it in the hard copy program…well, it was a proud moment.

As any artist with an exhibition/installation/performance practice will tell you, it’s one thing to be creative and come up with great concepts, it’s quite another to execute the idea and bring it over the line. Volucres has had its fair share of ups and downs in the making – here’s a little of the background – but we’re now getting very close to the point of realisation.

As you ‘ll see when you check out the festival program, there’s an enormous amount happening in Dubbo over the four days (27-30 October)…literally something for everyone. Now the talking bit is over and it’s all official, it’s time to knuckle down and get this baby ready for her debut.

Click on the image below to go to the Festival page of the Artlands website.

Artlands Dubbo 2016 Kim V Goldsmith Volucres

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