The debrief: looking back to move forward

It was the focussed joy of a special needs child experiencing my VR video in Eye of the Corvus that left me feeling that what I do is worthwhile. It was unplanned and unexpected -- no doubt for both of us, but it will be that little boy who handed me his plastic Australian flag on …

Eye of the Corvus: Q&A with Kim V. Goldsmith

Kim V. Goldsmith artist and producer

Eye of the Corvus: Messenger of Truth is a project and exhibition that came together over two years across rural Central and North West New South Wales (Australia) and rural Iceland (on the Skagi Peninsula in the north). The project aimed to record the landscapes of these regions from the perspective of ravens/crows (corvids). Following …

Being thrown a Curve Ball

Kim V. Goldsmith digital media video artist Dubbo

Living and working in regional Australia doesn't mean you can't get eyeballs on your work.

The why on what I do

Not long after my return from France in May, I was prompted by a friend to submit an expression of interest to 1 Million Women for a story on my art practice. After sweating over the detail of how much to share of my background, I finally sorted out the baggage from the belief and …

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