Eye of the Corvus: Q&A with Kim V. Goldsmith

Eye of the Corvus: Messenger of Truth is a project and exhibition that came together over two years across rural Central and North West New South Wales (Australia) and rural Iceland (on the Skagi Peninsula in the north).

The project aimed to record the landscapes of these regions from the perspective of ravens/crows (corvids). Following two years of research, observations and recording (using a range of cameras including a drone and 360 camera, as well as sound recorders), the work was installed at the Western Plains Cultural Centre in Dubbo, NSW as a large-scale, immersive installation of video projections, sound and VR. The exhibition runs from 14 December 2019 – 2 February 2020.

The project and residency were documented at www.eyeofthecorvus.art.

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