It is now real

digital photoraph
Bushplay - digital photograph

Six months out from opening my first solo show in a commercial gallery and finally I feel it is real – that the hard work over the past two years will finally be realised in a public showing. Until now I’ve been focussed on producing the new works, researching, staying true to my concept and getting proposals out to galleries for the day it might all come together.

In December last year I was offered the chance to see what these new photographs and video might do when brought together. On 2 December, I’ll be opening my show, Natured Space, at Cudgegong Gallery in Gulgong. I’ve been to Cudgegong Gallery several times now and it’s a beautiful space in a beautiful building. On Saturday I went back to look at the gallery through the eyes of an artist preparing for an exhibition there. Quite a mind shift.

I’ve been kindly given the opportunity to show the work as a narrative – starting with a “cover” image through to a final “chapter”. It has added a new dimension to how I’ll now think about the works as I continue their development, but it is certainly not an abstract approach to apply to this body of photographs and the video piece. There’s already a narrative there, but now it is likely to be a more visually linear one. But more about the concept later…tralalala…this might just work!

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