Doubting the detail

Opening dates are getting closer and the works are now being printed – it is about this time so much self-doubt starts to creep into my mind. Is the medium suitable, have I made the right decisions during the creative phase, will there be enough work, will it communicate clearly what I want to say with this work, questions, questions, questions…

In 26 days the work will be on the walls in the Red Door Gallery and at the same time the works for the Cudgegong Gallery show will also be morphing from their digital form into their physical form. As an artist I’m wanting to explore my medium of choice, in this case, photography, as much as I can within the constraints of my practice. This time I’ve chosen a commercial medium to visually present my concept’s narrative. I’ve become comfortable with this decision, but it doesn’t mean I don’t still have doubts about how others will receive it.

I’m looking forward to loading up images from the Red Door Gallery show, Grounded, on the Gallery page very, very soon. I’ll know that the work on this one is nearly finished when that day comes.

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