Have I forgotten something?

Digital print on aluminium by Kim V Goldsmith
Wish, 2011, digital print on alupanel, 500mm x 500mm, ed. of 3

The work for my exhibition, Grounded, at Red Door Gallery is now on the walls, labels are up, the floorsheet is photocopied, the opening night catering and entertainment is under control, the invitations went out a couple of weeks ago and reminders have since been sent, the media release went out last week and  interviews since conducted. So, why do I feel like I’ve forgotten something?

Other than a little confusion over what day I was installing (I was the one caught out!)…it’s been pretty smooth sailing after a weekend of solid work to get the works ready to hang and packaged ready to transport. I am an organised person, but I feel like it’s almost too good to be true. Then there are always those doubts about whether anyone will turn up on opening night…Of course there will be some – there are the people I’ve paid to be there, and the ones who are obliged because they are related to me. Just joking!

The point is, no matter how organised one might be, the process of creating artwork for the public to view is fraught with self-doubt, underpinned by not knowing how the work might be received. A comment was made to me recently that it is often harder to show work in your home town than elsewhere. So true. On Monday, I have to walk down the street knowing that people have made a judgement about something I am passionate about and is integral to who I am. There are few pursuits that lay the heart on the sleeve more.

I offered some sage advice to an artist recently, saying that once you’ve installed the show you cease to control the work. From that point, the viewer to takes control to do with it what they will. You can encourage certain action and even in some cases, tell the viewer what to do with it, but ultimately it is up to them. Early feedback tells me Grounded  is being received well. I can’t do more than enjoy opening night now…and not forget to thank everyone who helped make it happen!

View the Red Door Gallery exhibition works online.

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