Leave it to the experts

My next exhibition - 15 frames & 19 photographs in one small car!

One show is now over and the next is only two months from opening. You would think after having created, planned and coordinated more than 20 exhibitions by now I would be on top of it. Well, I’m not!

The show in progress now is proving to be my most expensive to produce to date. In an attempt to save money I’ve ordered off-the-shelf frames from a warehouse in Sydney and decided to transport them home myself. While my Hyundi i30 CW has an amazing amount of space inside it, it was just not going to be enough to fit 19 frames, the largest of which were over a metre wide. Instead 15 frames and 19 photographs were tightly packed into the car around weekend bags, one child and two adults.

All bar one of the frames arrived home safely – one suffered a smash, now requiring a glass order. Anxious to get this next phase of preparations over with, I launched into flattening the photographs and starting to frame (without matt boards) immediately…only to discover my chosen method of mounting was NOT going to work. Now, I’m going to have order matt boards.

The lesson in all of this is…leave it to the experts! I’ll still have saved money, but not the headaches. Less stress has got to be worth something. The hardest part is not knowing if the investment in the work at my end will pay off at the other.

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