Kim Goldsmith framing
Framing Central: framing has taken over my reading room/studio space!

I HATE FRAMING! I can’t say it loudly or emphatically enough! I have less than 4 weeks to go until my work has to be delivered to the gallery for the installation of my next solo show and the task of framing 23 works – 19 of which are larger than poster-size, is just so big in my mind I’m finding the hurdle hard to get over. Today, I have done three loads of washing, a trip to the supermarket, baking and gardening just to postpone the inevitable session in my makeshift framing space.

I have now framed all my 36×24″ works – albeit, I’m not completely happy with 4 of them and intend to pull them apart to adjust. Not counting that job, I’m now 6 down: 17 to go. I do know that there is no way I could frame for other people or do it for a living. And while I’ve taken on the task wholesale to save money, I’m not even sure I’ve done that!

The mind battle continues as I count down the days, knowing that the end is near.  What is making it worth it is seeing each work shining back at me from behind the glass, looking like an exhibition piece. I am kinda proud of myself for having the skills to be able to frame my own work too, despite the rub of knowing there is very little creativity involved.

Now…where’s that book and cuppa…the verandah is looking welcoming right now.

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