The period of waiting

Kim V. Goldsmith polaroid print
Kim V. Goldsmith, We waited in a queue…, Polaroid print on cotton rag, 24 cm x 19cm (framed), (ed. of 3), $90 framed/ $66 unframed

The works were signed, sealed and delivered to Cudgegong Gallery this past week for the opening of my next solo exhibition, Natured Space, on 3 December. One would think there would be a feeling of relief, but it’s kind of a “nothing” feeling really. If my life revolved around creating and exhibiting work, then perhaps there would be a feeling of relief, but life just moves on. In the weeks I spent framing this show, I was already starting to form ideas of what my next body of work would be. I’m now just itching to start on it.

I’ve promised myself a “holiday”, to clear the decks – tidy my office, clean up my creative space and to experiment with the ideas in my head before knuckling down. So, the this period of waiting for the Cudgegong show to open is making me feel impatient. It’s part of that waiting period I feel is owed to this current body of work, as if I’m paying my respects to it before I can move on.

PS. It’s been a week since I wrote this and the week that followed was a different experience. Of all the exhibitions I have now been involved with or had as solos, the build up of anxiety this time has been worse. I’ve attempted to distract myself with work and “stuff”, but the restless nights, early mornings waking and general sick feeling in the pit of my stomach has been undeniable. I’m hoping I’ll sleep like a baby after the opening.

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