It’s opening day

NaturedSpace14Opening day of Nature Space is here…in about 5 hours I’ll be standing in front of a group of people with a smile on my face hopefully enjoying the moment! I couldn’t resist a trip to the gallery yesterday to check that all was as it should be. Given this is the first time I’ve not been involved in the installation and one doesn’t really want any surprises, this is an important part of the creative process as well. It shouldn’t end when the work is handed over.

I’ll have some great company for the drive to the gallery today and I know I’ll have plenty of friends there to support me today. Just hoping there might be some buyers amongst the attending crowd to make the day complete.

Installation pics will go on the exhibition page over the next day or so, but the photos can never quite capture the awe of walking into a space like Cudgegong Gallery and seeing 35 works you have spent two years dreaming about, creating and framing, hanging on the wall.

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