Where is the time disappearing…and my mojo?

Kim V. Goldsmith artist
Mixed media elements in the first banner to be constructed in the Fire Station Arts Centre studio

It’s a nice thought to have that whenever you step through the door of the studio each day or each week, that creativity will just come pouring out of you! There is little doubt that in times of crisis, discipline just has to kick in.

Today is one such day…a long week in the office and a long road trip out of town combined with a lack of good sleep and today has been a doozy in the studio. However, with my time at the Fire Station being so short I’m conscious of having to take advantage of the time I do have here to actually create.

It’s not much, but it’s something when I don’t feel an ounce of creativity. That’s the important thing, doing something to keep the process moving forward. It’s a bit like exercise, often it hurts to start and you might hit a wall, but if you can push through it, all of a sudden it gets easier and things to start flow. Unfortunately today, just as that started to happen it was time to pack up!

The breakthrough today though was knowing exactly where I’ll be starting when I get back here next.

One Reply to “Where is the time disappearing…and my mojo?”

  1. not a switch you can turn on, but having the space must give you the freedom to just contemplate creativity and what your efforts will be to get to that point of completion. good luck

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