New home at the Fire Station Arts Centre

Fire Station Arts Centre Dubbo
Fire Station Arts Centre Dubbo at dusk (image: K.V. Goldsmith)

Lists have been made, research documents downloaded, folders of ideas and resources put into some order, and materials and assets have been stockpiled. I’ve moved into the Fire Station Arts Centre studio in Dubbo for a three month residency supported by Orana Arts specifically for the preparation of work for Cementa 15.

The doors of the centre opened to the public on 30 August and the studio I’m working in was able to show visitors the beginnings of the installation work I’m keen to bring to life in the space. There is a physicality to the work and some technical aspects that will prove to be challenging even in this wonderfully lit space. However, it’s very existence has already given me the mental boundaries and drive needed to make this happen. The whole Fire Station Arts Centre has an energetic vibe, with an espresso bar and commercial gallery downstairs and a constant flow of visitors through the building.

Thursday, 5 September was my first full day in the space and thankfully a productive one. The light is great, plenty of fresh air, great coffee on tap downstairs and providing I can remain disciplined about my time there, it’ll be a very productive time for me. I’m hoping to spend two days a week in the space, if not more when time permits.

Kim V. Goldsmith  Fire Station Arts Centre
Kim V. Goldsmith working in the Fire Station Arts Centre studio

At this stage, I’m looking at having once a month open studio events to show the progress of the work. I’ll post more details here as I get closer to that date and share it on the Where is the Art Facebook page as well.

A big thank you to all who have supported this residency and believed in my work and my ability to do justice to my time in the studio space…to Alicia, Alex and Paige in particular.

Official words about the residency are in this month’s issue of Q&Art – Cementa residency: Fire Station Arts Centre.

Fire Station Arts Centre
View from the studio window
Kim V. Goldsmith art
Wet work at end of Day 1

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