Cementa – the wrap

Kim V Goldsmith Indicatus installation 2015The four-day contemporary arts festival, Cementa15 has finally drawn to a close after what has seemed like a very long build up…my work, Indicatus, spent 18 months in development for its debut at the event.

The period after an exhibition or a showing is one of those weird, limbo-land type experiences, as you come down from the high of putting work out there, doing artist talks (seven in total over four days), networking and having follow-up conversations that hopefully lead to further opportunities, experiencing the work of other artists, absorbing the concepts and issues that swirl throughout the festival, making new friends, reacquainting with others and trying to sleep in between. It’s exhausting.

After all the development, testing, documenting and promotion, Indicatus took only about 40 minutes to pack up – that in itself is kind of deflating!

Driving west, home to Dubbo, with a glorious multi-coloured sunset in full display in front of me, I had two hours to contemplate the week at Kandos – going over experiences, feedback received on my work, conversations with some of the movers and shakers, and where this all may lead. I think I need more sleep to really digest it all, but it’s feeling good.

Some thank yous need to be made at this point…a BIG one to the organisers who pulled off an enormous program, packed to the rafters with works that really did offer something for everyone and so many different perspectives on the world in which we live. Thanks also needs to go to the locals of Kandos who support this event – it really is on the friendliest regional communities I’ve come to know.

To Margot Palk, owner of the Convent Chapel and home to Indicatus over the past week, you are a gem. Your support of the festival and artists involved, opening your home to the public to enjoy the space in which you live, is so generous. You were part of the success of my work at Cementa.

And finally to my sponsors: the Western Plains Cultural Centre and Dubbo City Council – having local support is important to the standing of regional artists in the wider world; and to Orana Arts and the Fire Station Arts Centre – thank you for offering me a creative space and sounding board when it was most needed.

Kim V Goldsmith Indicatus installation 2015
Kim V. Goldsmith, Indicatus, sensory installation at the Convent Chapel, Kandos as part of Cementa15 (9-12 April 2015)


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