The Chapel Project invites you to participate

Sally Whitwell Kim V Goldsmith The Chapel Project
Sally Whitwell & me, wrapping up the Dubbo workshops, 28 July 2015

After a hugely successful two days with composer, Sally Whitwell, The Chapel Project got off to a fabulous start at the end of July with three music composition workshops in Dubbo. About 100 people participated over three workshops and Sally was left with plenty of material to start working with, alongside my birdsong recordings and photographs.

She’s already returned music to our core musical performers, Harmony Singers Dubbo, who had a crack at rehearsing it for the first time on Monday night. They’re going to be working on this material over the coming months and will publicly perform it at events leading up to The Chapel Project performances next year, including at the Moorambilla Festival in September.

As well as the ongoing search for more funding for the project, we’re also now inviting the community to be involved in an ongoing way through contributions in the form of writings, videos, recordings and ideas for developing the visual aspects of the project (the video projections).

There’s a new page on The Chapel Project website outlining the various ways of contributing and some inspiration for those contributions. Get involved link

My job as lead artist/producer is growing by the day, but I’m truly excited by the potential of this project to be a tribute to the inherent creativity of regional communities and the willingness of people of all ages to give challenging creative ideas a go.

The Chapel Project Dubbo

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