This video is a mockup of the installation inside Holy Trinity Hall during Artlands 2016


27-30 OCTOBER 2016

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Volucres is a digital media work (sound and three-channel video) that rose from the ashes of The Chapel Project (2015). It was developed over six months between March and October 2016.

Inspired by the symbolism and sentinel role of birds, Volucres takes participants on an immersive ride upon the currents of chaos, despair and hope. Piano chords and hard edged synth are layered with Australian native birdsong recordings and sound effects, accompanied by large-scale abstracted, monochromatic, avian-inspired movements of murmurations, unfolding wingspans and falling feathers.

Working with a very small team including Goldsmith as lead artist, a video producer and sound engineer, Volucres is a three-channel projected video, a multi-layered soundtrack of electronic music, sound effects and native Australian birdsong, in an installation style layout within Holy Trinity Hall in Dubbo, that debuted at the Artlands Festival, 27-30 October 2016.

Kim V Goldsmith Artlands 2016 digital media installation
Volucres creative team: Peter Aland, Wez Thompson & Kim V. Goldsmith (photo: GG Porteous)

Creative team:
Kim V. Goldsmith – lead artist
Wez Thompson – sound engineer
Peter Aland – video producer


The Chapel Project was a multi-artform project conceived by Kim V. Goldsmith, involving musicians, choristers, digital media and projection artists. Its aim is to produce a performance of commissioned choral music based on birdsong recordings made by Goldsmith accompanied by a video projection display, within St. Andrew’s Chapel in Dubbo. The project’s working title came from it being site specific to the venue.

Sydney-based musician, Sally Whitwell worked with Goldsmith and community choir, Harmony Singers Dubbo, along with interested community members to create the musical elements of what was to be a performance installation. The workshops and choral composition were funded by a CASP grant given to Harmony Singers Dubbo. CASP is an Arts NSW devolved funding program administered by Regional Arts NSW and local Regional Arts Boards on behalf of the NSW Government.

Additional funding was sought from grants and sponsorship to bring on board the skills and expertise required to continue developing the soundtrack, performance and visual components of the work but due to little success, the work was shelved after great deliberation.

Further details of The Chapel Project and Volucres can be found on The Chapel Project website.

The Chapel Project was supported by:
Panscott Media (publisher of Dubbo Photo News and Dubbo Weekender)
Ochre Communications
Western Plains Cultural Centre

Background information on The Chapel Project (PDF)
The Chapel Project goes public

The Chapel Project is dedicated to the memory of my friend, Jen Shearing, whose passion for the arts in all its forms and engagement with her community was an inspiration. We miss her dearly. – Kim

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