The Chapel Project goes public

26.02.15_DPN_CASPJust as the build-up to Cementa15 starts to take over my every waking moment, my next project has now gone public with a story in this week’s Dubbo Photo News. The Chapel Project is due to be performed in 2016 on the day Artlands opens in Dubbo. The project’s title comes from the plan to perform and project the work in St. Andrew’s Chapel in Dubbo.

It’s a multi-disciplinary project involving musicians, choristers, video projection artists and possibly even an animator. It’s aim is to bring together a performance of commissioned choral music based on some of my birdsong recordings – with two of our most melodic native birds at the centrepiece.

Sally Whitwell is the talented musician who has generously come on board to work with Harmony Singers in Dubbo along with any interested community members to create the musical elements of the performance. We’ve received CASP funding to conduct a series of workshops and for Sally to write the music resulting from these.

CASP is an Arts NSW devolved funding program administered by Regional Arts NSW and local Regional Arts Boards on behalf of the NSW Government.

There’s still a need to find funding to bring on board the other people required to make this work ‘sing’ (excuse the pun). I see my role as being the producer, trying to realise a vision I have for the concept, but needing to bring in the right skills and talents to make it happen. Challenging to say the least…but worth it.

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