Working to a schedule in the countdown to Cementa

Kim V Goldsmith installation Cementa15Months have now passed since I’ve had an opportunity to physically work on my installation piece,  Indicatus, for Cementa15, but there have been plenty of other administrative tasks to do such as provide artist profiles, chase sponsorship (thank you to Dubbo City Council & the Western Plains Cultural Centre – I hope to do Dubbo proud) and generally do my bit for the festival promotions.

However, as I write this, my fire video is being exported, preparations are underway to test ‘smoke’ my alter cloth, the metallic rust-coloured shag pile rug is now sitting rolled up in my hallway and this week, it’ll be back to finalising the sound box recordings so a test run can be set up in the next fortnight. All going to plan, that gives me two weeks to sort out any last minute issues.

I’m at a point where I just want to get this work into the space I’ve been thinking about and planning around for months. It’s pure logistics and fine-tuning from here on. If you consider problem-solving to be creative, then at least there’s still that element…although I’m truly hoping the number of problems will be few at this stage.

In just over four weeks, I’ll be packing up the shag pile, boxes of equipment and a week’s worth of food and clothes, to head east to Kandos to hang out with some of Australia’s most interesting artists. There’ll be a few old friends, acquaintances to reacquaint with, and plenty of new people to meet. That’s the reward.

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