Surrounded by sound

Kim V Goldsmith installation artist Indicatus Cementa
Tea lights and motion sensor sound boxes for Indicatus

Despite a feeling of panic (that often accompanies working in public with technology), the various elements of my Cementa work, Indicatus, are finally coming together. Today, after six hours of sitting on two computers, the soundbites are sorted.

I’ve been using some recordable motion-sensor sound boxes imported from the UK for this element of the work – relatively low-tech when they work. Trawling through my sound library of birdsong recordings, as well as picking up a few new ones over recent weeks, I’ve been trying to work out the right mix of birds. Some have been too shrill, the pitch distorting the sound, others have been too annoying. I’ve narrowed it down to a mix of small birds (recorded during my residency at Kandos Projects), Magpies, a Rufous Whistler and Friarbirds.

In terms of how the sound boxes will work within the space, I’ll be sorting that out when I undertake a test installation in a week’s time. For now, I’m just pleased to have nailed the mix and recorded them on to the motion sensor boxes ready for the final stages of ‘tweaking’…such a technical term!

Here’s a mix of the tracks selected for Indicatus – on Soundcloud (dur: 1:10)

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