Test installation done – tick

Kim V Goldsmith installation CementaWith only a week to go until I pack the car and head east to Kandos for Cementa15, there isn’t much time to sort out any outstanding issues. So with that in mind, today was the day for my test installation of the Cementa work, Indicatus, at the Fire Station Arts Centre in Dubbo. Thankfully, after a couple of hours of playing, I’m left with only a short list of things to tweak over the coming week.

Today was also a media opportunity. WIN and Prime TV news and Jen Cowley from Dubbo Weekender all turned up to give the install a whirl. The big hits were the motion sensor sound boxes and the shag pile rug (for different reasons!). I have to mention Radio 2DU and the Daily Liberal had previously covered a story on the work’s development the week prior to the test install.

Here’s a short video I made this morning in the space. There have also been a few updates posted on my Facebook page too. Looking forward to seeing you all in a week or so in Kandos!

A big thank you to the girls at Orana Arts for their ongoing support…and to my official sponsors, Dubbo City  Council and the Western Plains Cultural Centre.

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