Final checks before install

Kim V Goldsmith installation Cementa
The video & alter

It’s been a week since the test install that left me with a short list of ‘tweaks’ to make to my sensory installation work, Indicatus, before arriving in Kandos for the two days of install prior to Cementa15 proper getting underway on April 9.

So, after sourcing a bigger TV screen for the video (thanks to my friend, Jen), swapping a couple of birdsong soundtracks around, checking the glow of my battery-operated tealights, and ensuring I have a good supply of screw drivers, duct tape, blu-tac, extension cords and batteries, I can say I’m finally ready.

What I’m left with a is a mix of fear and excitement…no different to any other public installation or exhibition opening really. Situation normal.

My next update will be a report on how it all washed up. Hoping to see you there in the meantime.

Cementa15 is a biennial contemporary art festival held at Kandos, NSW, April 9 – 12, 2015.

Kim V Goldsmith Cementa15 Dubbo Weekender
Dubbo Weekender, 2 April 2015, pp56-57


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