Pushing through to numb day

Kim V Goldsmith Volucres Artlands 2016

VOLUCRES: Soundscape and three-channel video projection, 2016, 5’10 on loop

The full mockup video of the installation is now available for viewing.

The show is over. For now at least. After six months of pushing ideas, pushing budgets, pushing schedules, pushing the publicity, and then pushing through the physical exhaustion and stress that goes with daily installation set up over four days, Volucres has had its moment in the sun at Artlands Dubbo 2016 (27-30 October), the biennial Australian regional arts event.

For me, the day after any event like this, or indeed any showing of work, is one of feeling numb. I can’t describe it any other way except a feeling of emptiness. My brain isn’t churning, the adrenaline isn’t pumping but there are still things to be done in the warm down  – unpacking boxes, returning equipment, documenting feedback, following up leads, writing thank you notes, paying invoices…probably other things I can’t think of because I just want to sleep.

There’s a bit of a high to come down from after most showings, but despite conservative attendance figures for my work – just under 300 people for the four days – the feedback and responses were the best I’ve received yet for a work, even last year’s Indicatus installation at the Cementa Festival.

Awesome…Whoa…Fantastic…World class…I’ve got goosebumps…I’m moved – I feel sad…Absolutely beautiful…By far the best work we’ve seen here…Very cool…I’m back again…Gorgeous work…Feel like I want to meditate…Blissful…A real highlight…I danced – it was so beautiful to dance to…

VIDEO: Filmed from the floor of the hall, absorbing the sound through my body

Despite vowing a couple of months ago that I was giving up installations as an artform, I’m ready to see what opportunities exist for Volucres in other spaces, and I’ve got another sound art proposal to get organised by the end of November. I’m filling the battery reserves with the encouragement and conversations had with some wonderfully creative people over last few months and days – Duke Albada, Sarah McEwan (The Cad Factory), Julie Montgarrett (who worked with Sarah on The Daily Diminish project), Belinda Eckermann (Turbo Gallery), Mark Booth, Dave Jones and the rest of the friendly Nati crew (you too, Greg Pritchard), Phoebe Cowdery (the CORRIDOR Project), Gina Fairley, Genevieve Carroll, Bill Moseley, Ann Finegan, Dave Eddy (Festival of Delusion), Aleshia Lonsdale, Kelly Leonard and Gabrielle Leonard (Artisan on Lewis)…and so many others. I’m so glad you came to me this week, as I didn’t have much of a chance to see the work of others at the festival. As the wise leader of Eastern Riverina Arts, Scott Howie said to me: “If you’re a content producer at these things you can’t expect to be a content consumer.”

A big thank you to those who had my back the whole way – my production team of Peter Aland (video producer) and Wez Thompson (sound engineer), Regional Arts NSW,  Orana Arts and the Western Plains Cultural Centre…and those friends and family who not only showed interest online but who actually fronted up to see what all the fuss was about.

I should know by now that the creative juggernaut doesn’t just grind to a halt or run out of juice – there are too many ideas to explore and limits to push for that.

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Dubbo Weekender feature on Volucres – to read in issuu click on the image (page 12 & 13)

Kim V Goldsmith Volucres Artlands 2016

2 Replies to “Pushing through to numb day”

  1. Haha I just found this article by chance! I loved your installation at Dubbo and think of it often! If you ever feel like coming this way, come and have an exhibition at turbo gallery in rainbow…the town that’s coming to life again through the arts!! Belinda Eckermann

    1. Ah Belinda! Yes! I was just about to post another blog when I spotted your comment. I’ll certainly keep you in mind going forward. Some big plans are in the pipeline for the next couple of years but some of those may well translate for something in Rainbow. 🙂

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