It all starts with Alchemy

Kim Goldsmith digital Polaroid print
Her rings of gold had turned to rust, 2011, digital Polaroid print

I’m hoping this exhibition diary might prove to be enlightening when I look back on it next year. This is one crazy year for exhibitions, with one group show about to open at the end of this week at Jayes Gallery, Molong. The 19th Fresh Arts show, Alchemy, will bring together about 15 of us who work in such a broad range of mediums, at such different conceptual levels. I’m always amazed that these shows can actually work. To be honest, sometimes they don’t. Then, I have two solos before the  year is out – one in Dubbo at The Red Door Gallery and a biggy, at Cudgegong Gallery in Gulgong. The first one opens in September and the work for the second (December) needs to be decided upon by September. So, no pressure – only four months to pull together work for two solos….@*#!.

I’m pretty excited about bringing these new works into the light after having worked quietly on them during every spare waking hour over the past two years. In desperate need for some fun, I even bought a new Polaroid camera recently and have had a ball playing with the old-fashioned technology using digital age processes, creating narratives along the way. I’m testing the water in the Alchemy show with one of them (pictured left). The rectangular shape of them is proving to be challenging…I was sure the old Polaroids were square?

Anyway, nothing is ever straight forward when it comes to art and there’s been quite a few tantrums around here lately as my other half tries to fix the problems I guess I created. I’ve got a light box image that is supposed to be in the Alchemy show that is now no longer a light box image (even though my other half even built a light box from scratch!!), but even Plan B is flawed. The frustration with being a digital artist is that you have to rely on others so often to produce the work and it often doesn’t meet your expectations. 24 hours out from transporting the work to the gallery and I’m fast running out of back-up plans. Meanwhile, the blood pressure rises and the sleepless nights begin…

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