Distractions, distractions

Lost in the act of just painting
My daughter "lost" in the act of just painting

Oh, to live life in a vacuum and focus just on the job at hand! Imagine life dedicated to just being an artist –  endless hours to just explore the creative process, experimentation, taking time to stand back and think, or to turn a work to the wall while you move on to another group of works…Where are those wish fairies? Probably distracted by all the other artists out there who are juggling day jobs, families, volunteer work and the mundane tasks of just getting through the day.

I wish I could say I’ve progressed the development of my exhibition works since my last post – but alas, there have been many, many distractions. I’ve not only had plenty of work to get done with my media & marketing consulting hat on, but I’ve also been developing a new business project – Where is the Art?  This baby fits into my future plans very nicely and it’s now just a matter of time before it develops into the potential I know it has. But the back-end work of getting it online and generating content has required many late nights over the past fortnight and many sleepless nights as my brain continues to create to-do lists during the midnight hours. It’s exciting and it’s about art, but it’s not creating art…there is the problem.

Blocking out Sundays for the next two months as dedicated studio days may get me back on track – but then there’s a week’s worth of washing to do, meals to prepare, friendships to maintain and work to catch up on. Wish fairy, wish fairy…what do I want? Just one month of uninterrupted time to create, getting lost in the process and producing enough work for two solo exhibitions!

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