The creative groove is returning

stop motion video still of scissors paper rock by Kim V Goldsmith
Scissors. Paper. Rock., stop motion video, still, 2011
 It’s a slow process, but the creative zone is still with me. The last couple of weeks have seen the video for the Cudgegong show come to be (better than just talking about it like it already existed). Then, on a road trip last weekend, I got another stills shot that I think will definitely be an exhibition piece. Given all the distractions I’ve had wearing my day-job hat lately – that’s a miracle!
I think the distractions have helped somewhat, particularly given they are of a creative bent – Where is the Art? Talking with other artists, viewing & uploading other people’s artworks and listing galleries has helped create some focus…maybe!
I’m going to have to pencil in (permanent marker might be better) some studio days between now and the end of July to get it all done. Even putting that in black & white might help make sure it does – it’s a pinky promise to anyone reading this!

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