New beginnings

A new body of work is starting to develop out of the dark recesses of my mind. What were once random thoughts consciously noted in the middle of the night or on a long drive, have started to form –  and a schedule of production is evolving. It’s been too long.


I wander around my block with the camera hanging from my neck – trying to see the landscape around me differently. I focus in on the line formed by a cluster of gums, or look for a depth of field that will produce a golden yellow backdrop in the late afternoon sun…I’m also stalking the little ones – the little birds that live around me every day, surrounded by domesticity and seemingly unaffected by the presence of my two dogs, the lawnmower and the chainsaws roaring in the late afternoon next door. Today, I’ve captured three types of honeyeaters and the blue wrens. Peering through the lens, the manmade environment and domestic trappings invade the frame. A breeze comes up, sending a chill up my back, the sun is rapidly falling behind dark purple clouds. Another day is nearly done, but my work is only just beginning.

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