White-plumed honeyeater inspiration

Whilst sitting in the sun today doing some reading, I heard a thump. A small, buff bird with a yellow cap and white lined face was staggering to pull itself on to a beam of the pergola; it’s head slowly drooping, one eye shut, legs splayed and chest heaving.

It was a white-plumed honeyeater and it had collided with the large glass sliding door on the verandah.

Given the bird’s concussion I took the opportunity to grab photos on my iPad and on the EOS 40D. These birds are plentiful in my native garden, but they’re quick and there are few chances to get so close. The DSLR pics were fantastic and will be revealed in due time. However, I have a more pressing creative project to get underway and this poor feathered creature provided the inspiration.

I am one of six artists involved in a mail art exchange with art students at Baradine Central School and we’re expected to mail off an A4 or A5 size mixed media collage work sometime soon. The project will run through until November.

After playing around with some concepts using the ArtStudio app (think Photoshop) on my iPad I’ve decided to return to more traditional mediums for this first mail art work. I’m also wondering if the more I explore this approach whether it might refine my ideas for the new works I’ll be working on over the next 18 months. I’m keen to find ways to integrate my drawing into some of my video work, as well as the photo montage sculptural pieces I have planned.

It’s lovely to see pencils, paints and glues scattered across my desk again…such a contrast to the digital work that dominates my practice these days. The view through the window gets a little distracting at times though!



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