First mail art work hits the post

About to hit the post
About to hit the post

After finding my groove, I’ve finally packaged up the first mixed media collage work for the mail art exchange project with Baradine Central School. One of six artists involved, over coming months there will be a multiple works making their way across the countryside between artists and students.

I’m so inspired by the resulting work I’ve decided to work on a series using what has become an extensive photo library of native birds I’ve developed over the past five years. As much as I love digital mediums, it’s been cathartic to have glue and paint on my fingers again. In some ways it forces me to find the time to create, turning off the computer the houses the digital works and to create a new space that draws me back.

In between, I’m preparing for a residency starting next month…more space to create.

Kim V. Goldsmith art
K.V.Goldsmith, 2013, Dying trend, mixed media collage on watercolour paper, A5

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