Now I’ve shown off, it’s back to work

Kim V. Goldsmith Fire Station Arts Centre
Talking at the open studio event, Fire Station Arts Centre, 4 October 2013 (photo: GG Porteous)

On Friday afternoon, 4 October, I had the privilege of sharing the story of my latest work with a small audience who attended the Fire Station Arts Centre’s first open studio event. About 25 turned out to hear about what being a Cementa artist-in-residence actually means and to learn a little of the inspiration behind the work.

I managed to salvage enough photo and audio files from the disaster earlier in the week to put together a slideshow of my feathered friends who are the source of inspiration for this latest work, and to do a two channel, looped audio track, which will also eventually form part of the work. This presentation alongside the start of some sculptural paper mache ‘rocks’ and a banner of drawings and found objects, gave an idea of how the work is taking shape. And then there is my trusty maquette, which shows the scale of the work, complete with dollhouse man. You can just see it to the right of the photo, sitting on the shelf.

The show and tell is now over though and I have four more weeks to knuckle down and get some more work done before I throw open the doors again. Hopefully, I’ll have some studio neighbours by then with whom I might share the spotlight. Stay tuned for more open studio postings.

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