#bringtolightproject puts spotlight on public places

Kim V Goldsmith, #bringtolight, stop motion video (still), 2014, 30 seconds, no audio
Kim V Goldsmith, #bringtolight, stop motion video (still), 2014, 30 seconds, no audio

One of the first collaborative projects to be instigated by the newly formed Regional Contemporary Art Network (RCAN) is the #bringtolightproject, a one-day pop-up showing of works in public spaces and places across Central West NSW on Wednesday, August 13.

There are four artists involved including me – three of us in Dubbo and one in Lithgow. Jack Randell, Peter Aland and myself will be projecting works at various locations around Dubbo starting at 9am and finishing up about 9pm. Julie Williams from Lithgow will run two videos at her location at Lithgow Pottery from 10am – 7pm.

Each location has been plotted on a Google Map, along with times. There’s also a social media element, where we’re asking people to follow @rcan_projects on Instagram in advance, take photos of the works on the day, upload them to Instagram, tag @rcan_projects and use the hashtag #bringtolightproject so that we can create a searchable online gallery of the works being engaged with by audiences.

My work is called #bringtolight and it’s a 30 second stop motion video that will be played on 5 minute loops using a pico (handheld) projector. I’m running it in half hour sessions across four locations on the day, starting outside Dubbo Post Office at the Postmaster’s Cafe at 9am, then to Macquarie Regional Library at 10.30am, the Fire Station Arts Centre for the lunch time crowd at Brigade Espresso at 12noon, and a late afternoon screening at Minore silos (12 km from Dubbo) at 5pm. I’d love to see you at one of the locations on the day. So, don’t forget to say hello.


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